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Partnering with Mother Nature to bring you the very best in gently sourced Jade.

Our Jadeite, Nephrite and Botryoidal (bubbly) Jade is gently sourced, harvested by hand annually from riverbeds and outcroppings in Northern California, and worked locally by artisans in our Mendocino County workshop on the Pacific Coast.

California Jade Patterns 1.jpg

Available in both raw and worked forms, as elegant jewelry, in strands, as nuggets, masterpiece carvings, and as boulders, California Jade is a rare and unique gemstone.  Endowed with wondrous luster, color and opacity, it is heirloom quality as jewelry

and as viewing stone, or Suiseki.

California Jade Suiseki Viewing Stone 1
California Jade Suiseki Viewing Stone 2
California Jade Suiseki Botryoidal Viewing Stone

River Blossom Jade is our trade name for the fabulous jades we find here in Northern California.  We call them River Blossoms because they actually do blossom in the river.

Gently Sourced

We leave the landscape exactly the way we find it: simply beautiful.

Natural Beauty

The finest in choice

California Jades.

Artisan Quality

Unique, green-powered

artisan works.  From our hands to yours.

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