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California Jade: From Our Hands to Yours

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Jade Harvesting: Responsible Sourcing


Sam Gitchel of California Jade with friend, Eel River, Trinity Alps Ca

The visual beauty of River Blossom Jades is evident to all, it has tactile pleasure that is undeniable, it’s rarity is much sought after, but do we know the entire story? From the Trinity Alps to you, our number one priority is to be in harmony with Mother Nature and our fellow humans.

River Otter on Eel River, Trinity Alps CA
California Jade hunters packing gear for a Jade hunting excursion, Trinity Alps CA

Jade Hunters: Journeys to Jadeland

The gathering is a joyous occasion. We excitedly and happily helicopter into our week long adventure with family and friends in the remote wilderness of one of the inaccessible gorges of the Trinity Alps.

It is both a wonderful and spiritual journey. All jades are surface gathered and no damage is done to the earth. Our tools are our hands and small pry bars. We only take what our Mother has given us each visit. We dig no exploratory mines.  Wherever our path takes us we leave nothing but footprints. The camp is super clean upon our departure as is everywhere we have been for the  week. All that came in by the helicopter goes out by the helicopter. The rare jade we are lucky enough to find comes out with us by helicopter as well.  Everyone has excellent memories and rare jade to take home with them.

View from helicopter in flight, with mountain terrain visible through cockpit window, Trinity Alps Ca
Toad resting on top of botryoidal jade nugget, Eel River, Trinity Alps CA

Treasures From The Trinity Alps

The majority of the jade heads west to the coast, where our workshop lies on a coastal ridge of Mendocino County.  Upon arrival at the shop the 40 panel solar array underlines our intention of care for the earth by utilizing only solar power for the production of our jades and the use of re-purposed materials in our jewelry whenever possible.  We contract with locals to create our works of art & offer fair compensation to our workers at all levels of our business.  Our high quality handmade jewelry is made by content ladies and men with joy and good intent. There is never a delivery schedule imposed by us on our artists.  When the spirit moves them they create the outer and add to the inner beauty that is the heart and soul of River Blossom Jade.

California Jade Jade Boulder Trinity Alps CA 1.jpg
Saw blade with partially cut jade rock.
Multi-panel solar array used for powering gemstone workshop.

RiverBlossom Jade: Green In More Ways Than One

River Blossom Jade is beautiful in more ways than one.  RiverBlossom Jade is Green in more ways than one.  Not only does RBJ have beautiful green color within, our process is very green.  Our artisan workshop is off the grid and totally solar powered, we do not use any cutting lubricants other than pure water in our saws or any of our polishing machines.  We frequently need to rebuild saws and replace bearings and other parts, but our commitment to our environment and workplace quality is unwavering. 


When I’m working or repairing something, I often think of our ancestors in the Jade trade and how, with only sand and bamboo, they drilled Jades, and how with sinew, water and gem dust they cut the Jades.  With such very primitive tools they created their ancient masterpieces.  The Jade trade has been around for many thousands of years.  We want to be remembered as the Jade clan that took care of the earth and used the local jade to help the local people.

View of a helicopter above the treetops, flying off into the distance at end of day.  Trinity Alps CA.
California Jade logo vintage cameo style
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