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  • Sam Gitchel

Beautiful Botryoidal Jade Nugget

On one of our helicopter adventures, I plucked this beauty right out of a vein on a mountaintop in Mendocino County California.

Deep green, polished botryoidal jade nugget on black, circular, rotating diaza (base)
A Botryoidal Jade floater nugget is one that has no attachment to the jade body of the deposit and is extremely rare.

I spent many hours meticulously removing the attached serpentine matrix so as to expose the exquisite jade floater nugget within, followed by an intensive diamond powder polishing.

This masterpiece does not have a bad side. It was impossible to decide how to create a base to show the best side as they are all the best sides!

I decided to have the famous diaza (base) maker Jerry Braswell create a base that can display every angle of this beauty so it rotates 360 degrees and finishes off this superior display of a true Mendocino California Botryoidal Jade Masterpiece. Size of Jade stone is approx. 4x4x3 inches.

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Sam Gitchel

People sitting and standing by edge of river with camping gear while a blue helicopter hovers nearby in a remote mountain canyon, California.
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