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  • Sam Gitchel

California Jade Mountain Stone

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Gray Blue Mountain Stone (sansui keijo-seki) has beautiful form and essence.

Even after being sculpted, beaten and bruised by massive Pacific storm surges this Jade Mountain is magnificent. Its organic, natural landscape shape, terrain-like contours, textures and color patterns are a beautiful example of "sansui keijo-seki," or "mountain stone" in suiseki terms. The stone's size and the overall sense of substance it brings make it a beautiful focal point or centerpiece for a room, garden, or other contemplative setting.

We cut the bottom flat and polished this beauty to a very nice luster. It is 52 inches long, 22 inches high and 10 inches deep (132cm x 56cm x 25cm). Price is $6000.

This is the last of our production of polished boulders, as I am retiring from the hard work of cutting and working with jade boulders. Along with the mountain stone in this post we have other boulders on clearance at our Rock Stop gift shop as well. The shop is still closed for the Winter season and will reopen in a few weeks, in early March. For direct inquiries about this stone and our other large stones and boulders, please contact me at

Sam Gitchel

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