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From Our Hands to Yours: A Video Tour of California Jade at The Rock Stop

Gently sourced, artisan-crafted works in jade from our green-powered workshop on the Mendocino Coast.

A wooden display case containing a variety of colorful, artisan crafted jewelry made of California Jade and other gemstones, at The Rock Stop gift shop..
California RiverBlossom Jade at The Rock Stop.

We've recently been making videos of our Rock Stop shop on Highway 128 in Philo, CA, giving viewers a glimpse of the wide assortment of jewelry, gems, crystals, stones, carvings and other artisan works for sale. This time we focused in on the Jade display case, containing our very own, signature California RiverBlossom Jade.

This is Jade we have hunted and gathered on our helicopter journeys, riverbed excursions, mountaintop hikes and Pacific seashore wanderings. All of it is from our own hands and beautifully crafted into unique, eye-catching pieces by local and visiting artisans. Too, there are stunning examples of polished botryoidal, vulcan and undersea jades in their original, natural shape and form, for viewing and suiseki.

We hope you enjoy this quick look at our jades! And, if your travels bring you to Mendocino Wine Country, we invite you to visit us and take a closer look. To see more of our shop tour videos, check out our Rock Stop Blog.

Sam Gitchel


Colorful graphic of two desktop computer monitors side by side, one with California Jade website on screen and the other with Rockstop web site.
California Jade and The Rock Stop. Visit us in Mendocino Wine Country at 1804 Highway 128, Philo CA, or online at

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